Primary Music Conference 2024


Musical Vocabulary Explained (EYFS, KS1, KS2)

Learn or refresh your knowledge of key musical terms

Muslim Songs (KS2)

An introduction to Muslim songs (nasheed) and how to include these successfully in your Music Curriculum.

Early Years Top Ten (EYFS)

Top Ten ideas and resources for EYFS Music sessions.

Music Technology: Chrome Lab (KS2)

Implementing Music Technology into your KS2 curriculum.

Ukulele basics (KS2)

Learn the basics, play 3 chords and discover new resources.

Vocal Warm-ups (KS2)

Explore a range of warm-ups and breathing exercises which you can then use in your next Singing Assembly or Class Singing session.

An Introduction to Ocarina (KS1)

Explore some simple resources for teaching children how to play the ocarina as part of your KS1 curriculum