Music for school groups

At Oldham Music Service we believe that giving a child the opportunity to learn a musical instrument, sing or take part in any musical activity is one of the most beneficial things that parents, carers and educators can do for them, and we’re not alone in that view.

There have been many studies in recent years that have shown beyond doubt that the skills and processes that are developed as a child progresses on their musical journey can have a profound and positive effect upon their development in many ways.  These include,

–  Language, literacy and general intelligence
–  Academic Attainment
–  Personal and Social Development
–  Emotional Development

The Power of Music_MEC_EXECUTIVE_SUMMARY_2014 (Downloadable PDF)

Of course, there is another reason for taking part in music – it’s fun!

Oldham Music Service therefore offers outstanding tuition with specialist and highly experienced teachers in schools and across all disciplines.  From cornet to electric guitar, from voice to double bass and from samba to steel pans, we have it covered.

We work with schools to provide the tuition that they request, so if you would like to see your child benefiting from the opportunities that Oldham Music Service can offer both in and out of school, please speak to your school and ask them to contact us to discuss the range of available options.

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