Spring Term 2021 – March Update

The return to school for most pupils from Monday 8th March is excellent news and means that Oldham Music Service and its staff will be striving to return to normality as soon as possible.

OMS staff are working with schools to refresh risk assessments and take all necessary steps including the continuation of social-distancing and lateral flow testing to ensure that any risks to pupils, teachers and other colleagues are minimised.  As a result of this, most lessons will be delivered in person from Monday 8th March, although it may still be necessary for some pupils to receive virtual lessons if a staggered return to school means that they will not be present in person on their next lesson day.

We have also had a fantastic reception to our virtual rehearsals this week with excellent numbers of pupils engaging and amazing feedback from all parties.  If you haven’t tried the sessions yet, please respond to the email that was sent out to all OMC members a couple of weeks ago or email musicservice@oldham.gov.uk for further information.

Of course, all plans are subject to constant revision as the situation changes, but our hope is that we will be allowed to resume some limited face-to-face OMC activities at some point in the summer term and that we will be fully open from September.  We will keep you updated as we know more.  We also plan to resume the operations of the support team at the Lyceum from the start of the summer term so that we can assist with instrument queries, repairs, etc

Thanks so much to all of the Music Service and Music Centre users and supporters for the loyalty and dedication that they have continued to demonstrate throughout this challenging period.  We can’t wait to see the Lyceum full of musicians as soon as possible and to resume the ongoing development and celebration of Oldham’s musical talent.

Music Service Newsletter – Spring 2021

The fourth edition of the Oldham Music Service and Music Centre newsletter, Music Notes, is now, along with previous editions, available to download here.

This time we are focusing on ways in which the Music Service and Music Centre are finding new and exciting ways for pupils and members to make music through the latest lockdown.  There’s also some exciting news about the resumption of OMC activities.

As well as all that we are also taking a look at the Music Service’s amazing Curriculum Team’s CPD offer for teachers and non-specialist musicians.


New Resources for Music at Home

Our fantastic Curriculum Music Team have been hard at work to support the continuation of musical activities and learning whilst many children continue their education at home  They have created a whole new set of resources for this latest lockdown and these high quality, free activities can be downloaded here.

About the Music Service

The Oldham Council Music Service is committed to supporting and fulfilling the musical aspirations of all young people living in the borough (in and out of school), and engaging people of all ages in a variety of exciting musical activities.

The Music Service has been rated ‘Outstanding’ in the Federation of Music Services evaluation programme.

Oldham Music Service is proud to be a founder member of the GM Music Hub, which is an exciting and innovative music education partnership. We are committed to providing the highest quality music education and the best expertise which the region has to offer.

Music can transform children’s lives and we want to work with local families, schools and other organisations to make sure that all children get the chance to play music, achieve great things and inspire others.

Find out more about the work of the GM Music Hub.

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