Virtual Christmas Festival 2020

At this time, when so many individuals and families are in need of some seasonal cheer, I am delighted to be able to announce that the Music Centre groups will be giving a virtual Christmas Festival over the internet that will be a part of Oldham’s Christmas celebrations.

The concert will be streamed via the Council’s social media and video channels from 18th December and will feature 9 different ensembles made up of Music Centre members from across the entire organisation.  There will even be a choir that will feature the many families and friends of the Music Centre who aren’t necessarily members themselves.  Click here to download more information about this exciting event and how to take part.

Oldham Music Service’s Response to the Pandemic

As our Service users will be all too aware, OMS teachers and supprt staff have been back in schools, delivering music lessons in a Covid safe manner since September and, whilst things are still a long way from normal, much progress has been made.  Teachers are delivering blended lessons to ensure that as many pupils as possible receive their weekly tuition even if they are self-isolating and the OMS support team is ensurng that instruments and their maintenance remains available.

With that in mind, we are delighted to share with you the statistics that demonstrate just how successful and effective our team has been, not just since the start of the Autumn Term, but since the beginning of the initial lockdown in March.  Click here to see some of the amazing achievements that took place before the summer holidays and here for details of what we’ve been up to since then.

The Lyceum

A small team is now back and working at the Lyceum to deliver essential services to OMS users.  However, please note that the building is still not able to open fully to the public and visitors can only be admitted by appointment.

If you need to collect or return an instrument or need a repair, please call 0161 770 5660 or email to arrange an appointment.  All visitors will be required to complete a track and trace form.

The building itself has been adapted over the summer to conform to COVID prevention guidelines and plans have been drawn up to begin limited, small scale resumption of rehearsals there.  However, with the November lockdown and the other measures that were recently announced, these plans have had to be paused for the time being.  Obviously, we desperately want to be able to bring musicians back into the Lyceum as soon as possible and we are hopeful that some form of activity will be permissable from the start of the Spring Term, but we cannot take any unnecesary risks as far as the health of our users, staff and families are concerned.  Thank you for your patience in the meantime.

Musical Beginnings

Our Musical Beginnings sessions are still online via YUMU for this half term. The EYFS team will also be sharing songs and rhymes on here, Facebook and on Twitter. We will be in touch this week via email with details of how to access our online Musical Beginnings. If you’re already registered for MB and haven’t received an email, please contact Kay, Claire  or Angela

Summer Newsletter

The Music Service is pleased to announce the re-introduction of the termly newsletter, ‘Music Notes’.  The newsletter is one of the ways in which we are able to share some of the fantastic achievements of our students and staff and we hope that you find lots to interest you within its virtual pages.  You can download the newsletter here



About the Music Service

The Oldham Council Music Service is committed to supporting and fulfilling the musical aspirations of all young people living in the borough (in and out of school), and engaging people of all ages in a variety of exciting musical activities.

The Music Service has been rated ‘Outstanding’ in the Federation of Music Services evaluation programme.

Oldham Music Service is proud to be a founder member of the GM Music Hub, which is an exciting and innovative music education partnership. We are committed to providing the highest quality music education and the best expertise which the region has to offer.

Music can transform children’s lives and we want to work with local families, schools and other organisations to make sure that all children get the chance to play music, achieve great things and inspire others.

Find out more about the work of the GM Music Hub.

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