Summer Term 2021 – June Update

WELCOME BACK TO THE LYCEUM!  As from 7th June all of our online groups for school-aged pupils and most adults have been able to return to weekly rehearsals at the Music Centre.  Everyone that is registered on our system as a Music Centre member should have received an email recently inviting them to renew their membership for the term at the specialy discounted ‘recovery rate’ of 50% of the normal fee.  If you haven’t yet done that and also can’t wait to get back to making music at the Lyceum, please click here to renew.

Of course, we also want to make sure that any potential new pupils that would normally have joined one of our groups during the last 14 months doesn’t miss out, so the same link also works for new registrations.  Just make sure that you select the ‘new application’ option.

Of course, OMS staff are maintaining the necessary protocols to ensure maximum safety for each and every user of the Service and OMS staff and we are grateful for the assistance and compliance of all participants.

In the meantime, the Lyceum remains open by appointment only for instrument related issues.  Please call 0161 770 5660 or email to make an appointment.

Music Awards 2021

The annual Oldham Council Music Awards are now open for applications.  There are two categories available – The Tuition and Instrument Award and The Higher Education Award.

Information and application forms are available here.

The deadline for applications is 9th July.

About the Music Service

The Oldham Council Music Service is committed to supporting and fulfilling the musical aspirations of all young people living in the borough (in and out of school), and engaging people of all ages in a variety of exciting musical activities.

The Music Service has been rated ‘Outstanding’ in the Federation of Music Services evaluation programme.

Oldham Music Service is proud to be a founder member of the GM Music Hub, which is an exciting and innovative music education partnership. We are committed to providing the highest quality music education and the best expertise which the region has to offer.

Music can transform children’s lives and we want to work with local families, schools and other organisations to make sure that all children get the chance to play music, achieve great things and inspire others.

Find out more about the work of the GM Music Hub.

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