Case Studies

  • Tune-in to Talking

    Oldham Council Music Service has worked extensively with young children and their families for many years. There are a number of strands to our Early Years work. At the centre of this is our strong belief, backed up by national research and data, that music has an impact upon children’s speech, language, communication and social skills which are central to school readiness. In addition, it has the power to encourage parents to engage with their child’s learning and development and foster better relationships between the parents and the EY setting.

    Initially funded by a DfE grant which was awarded to the Blue Coat School, and now a major part of our SLA offer, Tune-in to Talking is a specialised programme which aims to develop young children’s speech, language, communication and social skills through the use of music. Full details of the funded programme can be found via the Northern Alliance website.

    · To accelerate the progress of disadvantaged children in order to close the achievement gap
    · To train EY practitioners and develop their knowledge and skills with regard to children’s Speech, Language and Communication development
    · To work with settings to improve their engagement with parents
    · To develop EY practitioners’ confidence and skills in using music within their settings to promote Speech, Language and Communication development and in general use of music

  • Musical Beginnings

    Musical Beginnings

    Musical Beginnings provides young children with excellent musical opportunities including singing, rhymes, action songs, dancing, stories, musical appreciation and exploring instruments.

    Research shows that children’s speech, language and communication skills are improved through the use of music. Social skills such as listening, turn-taking and co-operation are all central to the session. The main focus though is a fun, musical experience for the children and adults plus a support network for parents/carers.

    Classes are as follows:

    Musical Beginnings Extra (Looked After and Adopted Children)
    Tuesday, 10 – 11am

    Musical Beginnings Extra (Children with Additional Needs)
    Tuesday, 11am – 12noon